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Investing in AtoB

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Eric Tarczynski

August 16, 2022


We first met AtoB cofounder Tushar Misra nearly 5 years ago. His experience as one of Uber India's first employees developed a deep love for all things transportation.

After leaving Uber, Tushar set out to build the infrastructure for all things mobility by starting a company called Grido. It was an ambitious undertaking: the logistics (and finances) of mobility hardware are notoriously difficult.

We were honored to invest in Grido, but COVID was a death knell, and the company went to zero.

As we worked with Tushar, our conviction in him as a founder only increased. His clarity, speed, and ambition were remarkable. Although his first company didn't work out, we were eager for another run.

That's when Tushar met AtoB cofounders Vignan and Harshita, and decided to swing for the fences.

In the couple of years since, AtoB has quietly become one of the fastest growing companies we've ever seen.

Starting with fuel cards, the AtoB team is building the financial layer for the transportation industry — the vital logistics platform that powers the rest of our economy.

We're elated to finally share more about the company, and look forward to many more years of working with Tushar and team.

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