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We believe in people

We pioneered a new model of venture at Contrary, often betting on the person before the idea. Put another way: we prefer high-conviction investing — early — and don't need others to agree with us.

HQ Team

Eric Tarczynski

Founder, Managing Partner

Kyle Harrison

General Partner

Will Robbins

General Partner

Megan Kao


Michelle Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Jason Chen


Jen Yang-Wong

VP of Product + Talent

Jessica Retrum

VP of Experiences

Hiroki Hayama

Director of Data

Ryan Ma

Lead Designer

Skye Nguyen

Senior Software Engineer

Nathan Chiu

Senior Software Engineer

Akshay Chandramouli

Software Engineer

Judith Lao

Software Engineer

Rohit Deora

Software Engineer

Andrew Michelson

Product Operations Manager

Brooke Presten

Events Associate

James Hennessy


Anna-Sofia Lesiv


Jaclyn Chan

Chief of Staff

David Oko

Finance Manager

Dea Hartz

Executive Assistant

Supported by iconic operators, our founders get the right advice when they need it most.

Steve Huffman

Co-founder and CEO, Reddit

Emmet Shear

Co-founder, Twitch

Erica Brescia

Former COO, GitHub

Parag Agrawal

Former CEO, Twitter

Cyan Banister

Angel Investor

Jeff Rothschild

Founding Eng, Facebook

Nate Blecharczyk

Co-founder, Airbnb

Ruchi Sanghvi

Early Eng, Facebook

Ryan Hoover

Founder, ProductHunt

Leah Solivan

Co-founder, TaskRabbit

Scott Belsky

CPO, Adobe

Ross Mason

Co-founder, MuleSoft

Edith Harbaugh

Co-founder LaunchDarkly

Peter Reinhardt

Co-founder, Segment

Nate Mitchell

Co-founder, Oculus

Tim Kendall

Former President, Pinterest

Evan Moore

Co-founder, DoorDash

Chris Cox

CPO, Facebook

Gokul Rajaram

Executive, DoorDash

Bora Chung

Chief Experience Officer,

Marty Chavez

Former CFO, Goldman Sachs

Josh Elman

Product, Apple

Kevin Olusola


Deval Delivala

20th Employee, Uber

Olaf Carlson-Wee

Founder & CEO, Polychain Capital