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We combine sophisticated software, talent, and scouts to identify and invest in exceptional people – first – and then relentlessly support them from seed to scale.

Because at the root of every category-defining startup are exceptional people.

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Backing founders from seed to scale.

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Helping the world’s top talent discover, land, and excel in roles at top technology companies.

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Supported by the world's most iconic entrepreneurs.

Limited Partners


Co-founder and CEO, Reddit

Steve Huffman

Co-founder and CEO, Reddit


Angel Investor

Cyan Banister

Angel Investor


Co-founder, Airbnb

Nate Blecharczyk

Co-founder, Airbnb


Early Eng, Facebook

Ruchi Sanghvi

Early Eng, Facebook


Co-founder, Tesla

Martin Eberhard

Co-founder, Tesla


Co-founder, Twitch

Emmett Shear

Co-founder, Twitch

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