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How to start a startup at Dartmouth

Student Groups

Dartmouth College Women in Business (WIB)

A professional undergraduate organization and community helping women achieve their career goals through meetings, the associates program, peer mentorship, guest speakers and workshops open to the entire Dartmouth community.

Dartmouth Private Equity and Venture Capital Club (PE/VC)

Provides members with technical training in evaluating investment opportunities, executing due diligence, analyzing deal structure, understanding market and industry dynamics, and conducting financial modeling. Engage with Dartmouth alumni in private equity and venture capital, and prepare for buy-side finance and technology opportunities after graduation.

Magnuson Student Leadership Board

Composed of students who inspire, motivate and mentor their peers in all aspects of entrepreneurship. Our leadership program gives selected Dartmouth undergraduate and graduate students experiential leadership opportunities and access to additional resources and opportunities. Student leaders are responsible for providing strategic feedback to the professional Magnuson Center team, implementing student programming, and acting as ambassadors of the Magnuson Center on campus.


Dartmouth students design and build innovative digital solutions for a variety of companies and initiatives. DALI lab supports entrepreneurship by working with founders and startups, and by giving students real-world access to digital innovation.

Women in Student Business

Seeks to gather and support young, entrepreneurial Dartmouth women looking to learn more about and potentially invest in Dartmouth's student businesses. Realizing that only 10% of Dartmouth's student business owners were women, WISB was created in 2019 to equalize business ownership at Dartmouth, leveraging mentorship, education, and opportunity connection in order to prepare women for and connect women to ownership opportunities.

Accelerators and Incubators


Empowers Dartmouth undergraduates to pursue their passions by providing them with the business skills they need to leverage their liberal arts education in today's competitive marketplace.

Tuck Startup Incubator

Startup incubator open to teams composed of at least one Tuck second-year student---the rest of the members can be from the Dartmouth community, but they don't have to be.

Hackathons and Competitions


Dartmouth's annual student-run hackathon.

Venture Capital Investment Competition

(VCIC) -  an annual competition held around the world at which students can become a Venture Capitalist for a day to make investment decisions on real startups, execute due diligence, and negotiate deals with real entrepreneurs.

The Pitch - DALI Lab

A chance to win up to $2000 in startup funding or a $10,000 grant to work with DALI and build out your idea.

Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum Startup Competition

Is open to all Dartmouth affiliated startups from across the nation and overseas. The startup competition is organized for the benefit and development of Dartmouth related, early stage companies.

University Resources

Magnuson Center Office Hours

Office hours help Dartmouth faculty, students and staff to connect with the resources, expert advice and networks they need to further their startup goals. Come to office hours with questions related to funding, team building, developing your pitch deck, market research and more!.

Tuck Business Bridge Program

Provides undergraduates from liberal arts, science, and engineering backgrounds with a comprehensive business curriculum taught by world-class MBA professors at the Tuck School of Business.

Entrepreneurship LLC

Dartmouth Living Learning Community for students in all disciplines who have an entrepreneurial spirit. Residents are often pursuing entrepreneurial interests, are creative artists and designers, are savvy in technical projects, or have a vision to help the world through social entrepreneurial ventures. Residents may also take Min-Treks, a one-day trip, to a startup, makerspace, or venture capital firm in the Upper Valley (NH and VT).

Entrepreneurial Internships Program

Helps place and support students from all majors in internship opportunities (both technical and non-technical) at entrepreneurial companies.

Magnuson Center Campus Ventures

A match-making event is offered the second week of fall and spring terms that connects Dartmouth students with startup projects. Student startups will pitch their projects and you will have an opportunity to be matched as a student volunteer with a startup that fits your interests.

Notable Courses

COSC 25.01: Intro to UI/UX Design I

COSC 25.02: Intro to UI/UX Design II

COSC 29.02: Impact Design

ENGS 15.01: Senior Design Challenge-I

ENGS 15.02: Senior Design Challenge-II

ENGS 12: Design Thinking

ENGS 44: Sustainable Design

ENGS 75: Product Design

ECON 77/PBPL 43: Social Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Thinking

As the introductory course to entrepreneurship, this course has two objectives: 1) encourage broad exposure to entrepreneurial thinking through exercises in creativity and idea generation; 2) provide foundational building blocks of entrepreneurship -- the different kinds of entrepreneurship, sources of financing, and examples of the entrepreneurial life and the arc of their ventures from how their idea originated and how they then developed it into a business.

Tuck Startup Incubator

Tuck Startup Incubator helps the entrepreneur to build the venture from customer discovery to implementation. This class simulates an incubator environment as teams work on different aspects of the business, such as selling, product development, financial modeling and fundraising, while working with fellow entrepreneurs and a robust group of mentors. This course accepts applications from Dartmouth teams with a Tuck student on the founding team.

Entrepreneurship FYP (eFYP)

The eFYP uses hypothesis-driven principles to identify the assumptions behind the business idea generated in the Entrepreneurial Thinking class and to begin to test and refine these assumptions in the real world. The goal here is to build a tested and viable business model from the initial idea.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategy

The entrepreneurial challenge is one of selecting among the many potential combinations that you see, and then organizing the venture, whether startup, corporate, or non-profit, that will allow you to realize your ambition for the opportunity. In this course you will develop a 'Wide Lens' perspective on the challenges of innovation, with a particular focus on the context of innovation ecosystems.



University-focused venture fund investing up to $2M in emerging startups launching from the university scene around the US.

Dartmouth Angels

Founded as a program of the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship to provide a resource for early stage funding and mentoring to the rapidly growing Dartmouth startup community.

Green D Ventures

Gives Dartmouth alumni easy access to VC investing.

Borealis Ventures

Partners closely with exceptional entrepreneurs to build market-defining companies. Our focus is on the extraordinary opportunities to transform healthcare through new therapies, digital innovation, and other technologies.

Hypertherm Ventures

Partners with universities, startups, entrepreneurs, and innovative early-stage companies working on products and services related to our focus areas.

Norwest Venture Partners

Founded by Dartmouth alum, Jeff Crowe. Firm targets early to late-stage venture and growth equity (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Growth_equity) investments across several sectors, including cloud computing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloud_computing) and information technology (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Information_technology) , Internet (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet) , software as a service (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_as_a_service) , business and financial services, consumer and healthcare (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Healthcare).

Madrona Venture Group

Managing Director and Dartmouth alum, Matt McIlwain has been a great resource to Dartmouth student entrepreneurs. Madrona specializes in seed, startup, Series A and early stage investments.

Wily Initiative Grant

Provides up to $4,500 in financial assistance for unpaid internships that enable undergraduates to gain exposure and work experience at a technology-based startup during summer breaks or terms away from campus. Dartmouth-founded companies will be given preference, however, all startups formed within the last three (3) years or with an annual revenue less than $1M (US), are eligible.

Founders Grant

Facilitates the start and development of Dartmouth-founded ideas. The Founders Grant award up to $5,000 to an individual or team. Successful applications will demonstrate entrepreneurial plans, exhibit solid background research of the idea, and have high commitment to both learning and executing on their ideas.

Class of 2005 Grant - facilitates the start and development of Dartmouth-founded projects that show promise and traction. The Class of 2005 Grant awards up to $2,500 and will be used as an accelerant to take an existing project to the next level. Successful applicant teams have ambitious entrepreneurial plans with current traction, exhibit solid background research of the idea, and demonstrate high commitment to both learning and executing on their ideas.

Magnuson Center Software Development Grant

Grant provided by the Magnuson Center to help you build your minimum viable product - up to $8,000 in value.

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