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Provo, UT

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How to start a startup at BYU

Student Groups

Entrepreneurship Club

(eClub) - Connecting students interested in entrepreneurship - eClub is the flagship entrepreneurship student organization on campus.

Creativity, Innovation, and Design Group

An interdisciplinary collection of faculty and students from BYU, collaborating with industry and leaders to promote the teaching, research, and development of innovation and design at BYU.

BYU Developers Club

Offers events such as Hack Nights and a talent network for those recruiting for SWE roles.

BYU Technology Club

Offers opportunities for students of all majors to work for the best tech startups in the country.

Graduate Entrepreneur Association

Provides resources and networking opportunities to start, acquire or join a high-growth company.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) -

BYU's branch of ACM, the largest and oldest international scientific and educational computing society.

Accelerators and Incubators

Founders Launchpad

A summer accelerator, participants provided with free office space and mentors. A total of 20 teams are invited to participate by the Rollins Center leadership. Additional invited teams apply directly to the center and are selected based on traction to-date and future potential.

Hackathons and Competitions

Miller Competition Series

Largest single-university student venture competition in the nation.

Big Idea Pitch

The first of three competitions in the Miller Competition Series. It is a chance for BYU students to get mentoring and feedback on their big idea and win part of $10,000 in cash prizes to continue their validation needs, such as smoke tests, social ads, prototypes, focus groups, 3D printing, etc. The Big Idea Pitch only requires you to have an idea.

Business Model Competition

Phase two in the Miller Competition Series. You have your business idea--now you need to test and validate it, make changes (iterations or pivots) based on evidence found and insights gained, and repeat this process until all the crucial aspects of your business are fully validated.

Miller New Venture (Final Event) -

The final phase of the Miller Competition Series. This competition is focused on the traction teams have achieved. At least 10 teams, possibly as many as 15, in the Miller New Venture Challenge will be awarded $15,000 each and admitted to the Founders Launchpad summer accelerator.

Inventech Competition

Teams of 1-5 students are given the opportunity to analyze a BYU Tech Transfer Office technology and present a business model around it. Up to one team is awarded an $800 cash prize.

Mobile App Competition

Competition to showcase, hone, and develop essential mobile development skills. Runs from November through March and gives out ~15k each year in prizes.

Social Venture Academy

Student entrepreneurs work with mentors to build socially-minded ventures.

Student Innovator of the Year

SIOY (http://venture.byu.edu/) Competition to enable students to turn creative ideas into reality. Prizes total $50,000.

International Business Model Competition

Co-hosted jointly by BYU, Harvard, and Stanford, is the first international competition of its kind - focuses on testing unexamined market assumptions.

University Resources

Entrepreneurship Week (E-Week)

Celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship and showcases innovation resources across campus.

Utah Startup Marketplace

Career fair focused on connecting students with local startups.

1 Million Cup

A weekly event for entrepreneurs to meet and network and discuss their startups.

Silicon Slopes

Non-profit to empower Utah's startup and tech community. Hosts Silicon Slopes  - over 5,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and developers attended the two day event to hear from leading entrepreneurs.

Rollins Center

Main hub for entrepreneurship on campus - goal is to mentor students and provide a strong network.

Ballard Center

Raises awareness for the world's social problems while helping entrepreneurs launch social ventures.

Venture Factory

Provides product development training and project grants.


BYU's mentorship program that connects students with successful entrepreneurs who volunteer to serve as mentors.

Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic

Student-based program providing BYU's community with legal services.

BYU Technology Transfer Office

Office in charge of protecting and commercializing BYU-made technologies.


A 30-hour rapid prototyping fest to help bring engineers and developers together with big business ideas from the Big Idea Pitch.


Fusion is the largest student entrepreneurial networking event in Utah - brings together BYU's talented students and Utah's entrepreneurial community.

Notable Courses

Crocker Innovation Fellowship

Interdisciplinary Innovation Class - Year-length innovation experience with $2,000 stipend provided - Fellows will take an interdisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship course in the winter, participate in a summer internship, and then spend the fall semester on reflection and advanced innovation topics.

ENT 381 - Entrepreneurship Lecture Series

ENT 382 - Technology Entrepreneurship Lecture Series

ENT 401 - Entrepreneurial Innovation

ENT 402 - Entrepreneurship Analytics

ENT 411 - Creating New Ventures

ENT 436 - Experiential Entrepreneurship

ENT 421 - Financing New Ventures

ENT 422 - Managing New Ventures and Family Business

ENT 431 - Innovation Practicum

ENT 432 - Commercializing Innovation

ENT 434R - New Venture LaunchPad

ENT 437 - Entrepreneurship Capstone



University-focused venture fund investing up to $2M in emerging startups launching from the university scene around the US.

Campus Founders Fund

Venture firm investing in student-run startups - managed by students, sponsored by the Kickstart Seed Fund (http://www.kickstartseedfund.com/) , and issues 10-20k convertible notes (https://www.seedinvest.com/blog/startup-investing/how-convertible-notes-work).

University Growth Fund

Largest education-based private equity fund in the country - provides students with capital as well as the opportunity to work alongside investors.

BYU's Cougar Capital

Student-run venture capital and private equity fund run by 2nd-year MBA students at the Marriott School at BYU. The fund has invested in 36 companies, with 15 exits to date.

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